Audition Taping

Can’t make the audition? Problem solved! Our audition taping studio is set up 24/7 with a digital camera, superior lighting and sound. Your final product will not only bear a high production value but, under Stan’s direction, your performance will also be top notch. Once you are satisfied, we will upload your video with titles to our own media server within minutes.

Sample Audition:

  • Prices vary between $60-$180 per hour depending on your needs

  • SKS Full Service Package: 45 minute coaching/taping = $145
    (Stan’s coaching rate of $105 + Camera Operator $20 + 15-30 minutes of loading $20)

    ***This price includes all post/loading for one audition. If you need more than one audition loaded, there will be an additional fee ***

  • Different packages and rates available. Call the office for more information.

    “Thank you for the careful, polished audition taping. I’m so grateful that you were able to accommodate me on short notice, that you were so helpful during the taping, and that you put out such a great-looking finished presentation — because it worked…I got the part as a series regular on REVOLUTION! This is literally the first TV role I’ve booked by audition since…wait for it…1980. I probably have 50 television credits since then — but I was offered every one of them without audition. Since 7th HEAVEN ended, I’ve gone on tape or tested for a few pilots every season, but didn’t get any of them. So this is truly significant for me. Thank you. There’s absolutely no question that, for me, working with you is way, way better than going on tape in a casting office. I look forward to the next one” – Stephen Collins (REVOLUTION, Series Reg)

    • The Process
      • Call us at 323-512-1049 to set up your appointment. Depending on how much material you have, we will determine a realistic amount of time it will take to shoot. Your cost will vary according to how many scenes/pages you have and how prepared you are.

      • Upon your arrival at the studio, you will run through the material with Stan. When you feel comfortable, we begin taping. Stan will be your reader and Kristyn will be your camera operator.

      • Once you and Stan are satisfied, we will download your best take, color correct it, and add title slates. We then immediately upload it to our high quality media server and email you a direct link to your audition clip.

      • You may purchase a DVD copy for an additional $10.