“A lot of coaches teach the notion that acting is about getting in touch with one’s self. Stan will teach you how to get and hold a job. I recommend that every actor who wants to work (or work more) in film and tv study with Stan. His practical approach to the craft, attention to detail, and knowledge about all facets of our profession are unparallelled. Working with Stan will not only make your acting sharper and more specific, but if will render you confident in the knowledge that your choices are as strong and as solid as possible. That true confidence is an absolute necessity walking into an audition or onto a set.”-David Giuntoli (GRIMM, Series Lead)

Stan has a unique skill set combining experience, passion and intelligence. The guy went to Duke, was a successful actor and has now transitioned into coaching and directing. Whether you’re a seasoned actor looking to gain an edge or a novice looking for a healthy foundation, his constant prodding of your imagination will set you on the right path.-Bailey Chase (LONGMIRE, Series Regular)

“Seven months after meeting and studying with Stan I went from never having appeared on a multi-camera comedy, to being the series lead of the ABC sitcom BABY DADDY.  That says it all!  I credit and thank him for bringing greater specificity to my work, honing my technique and enabling me to bring my best to every audition.  Stan and his studio ROCK!”-Jean Luc Bilodeau (BABY DADDY, Series Lead)

“Stan Kirsch Studios is a true rarity. In a business that can be at times cutthroat and at times downright disheartening, Stan and the rest of the SKS family are a beacon of support, positivity, and prodigious talent. With an emphasis on solid technique and consummate professionalism, the training at SKS provides actors with exactly the tools they need to start working and never stop. And with wonderful people like Stan, Kristyn, Colleen, and DaJuan at the helm, there is simply no better community in town. !”-Josh Brener, (SILICON VALLEY, Series Regular)

“Working with Stan Kirsch and SKS has been one of the single best decisions I have made in my career. Not only does their genuine enthusiasm and support make you walk into an audition feeling like a million bucks, but the proof is in the pudding regarding just how amazing the technique at SKS is. Since working here, my bookings have exponentially increased as well as my callback and pilot testing ratios. My agents, managers and I are so excited about the bookings and feedback and cold hard results. I couldn’t have done it without SKS!”-Hayley Marie Norman, (Actress)

Working with Stan has truly been a wonderful experience! The tools I’ve learned from him have, time and again, proved to be invaluable at auditions and on the set! As a result of his talent and kindness as a teacher and coach, my bookings have increased tremendously and my passion and love for acting has been reignited.-Tania Gunadi (ENLISTED, Series Regular)

“Working with Stan is invaluable. He’s a super smart, passionate, and generous teacher. I trust him implicitly because his instincts and coaching are always right on the money! I can’t thank him enough for the insight, confidence, and support he’s given me over the years. Amazing.”-Sumalee Montano, (Transformers, Series Reg)

From the first day I worked with Stan, I knew I had found a fresh and clean direction for my art, a way out of the stagnant fuzz that can cling to you in this business. I was right. He believed in me right away, I trusted his talent, and as a team we’ve pressed on to fantastic results. Having Stan as my co-pilot has been absolutely nothing less than life-changing for me. My milestones big and small I owe to him and the amazing support, influence, and leverage that comes with being part of the SK Community. This is exactly what was missing for me, I’ve finally filled in some blanks. -Heather Hemmens, Actor (HELLCATS, Series Regular)

” Stan is able to instantaneously discover weaknesses an actor may be unaware of. He has an amazing gift of being able to effectively and honestly communicate with the actor allowing for immediate growth and change. Stan has helped me hone my craft in a way no other teacher has yet. Thank you!” -Alan Ritcshon, Actor (THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE)

“Stan’s vast knowledge of the industry allows him to distinguish the different subtle intricacies of each scene, which elevates my performance to another level. Since working with him I have landed an agent, booked four guest stars and two films. Stan’s work gives me the confidence to know that if I don’t book the job, I will undoubtedly book the office.” -Laura Niemi, Actor