Ongoing Classes

Stan’s Audition Bootcamp and Ongoing classes are essential for any actor who is serious about working in Hollywood today. Even the most competent actors need to hone their auditioning skills, sharpen their ability to make adjustments, and consistently shine in front of the camera. Given the benefit of Stan’s vast experience and knowledge, his actors are able to successfully tackle all the demands of the business and consistently have a leg above the rest!

In order to maintain a comfortable and serious work environment, we do not allow auditors. You must set up a consultation with Stan before entering into a class. To schedule a consultation please fill out the SKS Consultation Info Form and email your headshot/resume to  Once your consultation is scheduled, you can pay to hold your spot. Pay for Consultation Here


  • #
    • Ongoing Class: $300/month
    • Audition Bootcamp: $375
    • Class size is limited to 15 actors
    • Class time runs approximately 4 hours
    • Rehearsal is optional but strongly encouraged
    • Being fully prepared is mandatory in order to work
    • All material is current tv/film
    • Stan allows you to bring auditions into class **please see note below
  • Format

  • Ongoing classes are monthly and meet once a week. You will receive a different assignment every week in one of the following formats:
    • Audition Assignment

    • Stan requires you come in fully prepared and dressed as if you were auditioning for the role you are assigned. He will work with each student individually and demonstrate how to make strong choices, avoid audition traps, and shine in the room!
    • On-Set Assignment

    • Stan requires you come in fully prepared and dressed as if you were shooting the role you are assigned. You must be off book and come in with strong choices! Stan then blocks and directs the scene exactly as if you were on set, forcing you to rapidly make adjustments.
    • On-Camera Audition Night

    • One class per month is dedicated to on camera auditions. Each student will tape their audition in our audition taping studio, while everyone watches via a live feed in the main room. The class then watches them back and gets notes from Stan. One of the best ways to break bad habits is by seeing them for yourself!
  • ** As there are many working actors at the studio, Stan DOES allow students to do their auditions into Ongoing class in lieu of the assigned material. You will not receive a "line by line" coaching, but a “cursory” coaching from Stan. This means you will run through the material once, receive notes, and then run it once or twice more.