Success Is Infectious. Failure Is An Epidemic.

Success Is Infectious.  Failure Is An Epidemic. I say it all the time and I believe it wholeheartedly.  

This is a crazy business. This is a hard business.  It will elevate you to enormous highs one moment and knock you down the next. Don’t EVER let it keep you down and always GET BACK UP!!! Surround yourself with a community of actors and teachers who push and challenge you, but who are also genuinely happy for you when you succeed.  And CELEBRATE YOUR WINS – EACH and EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! Stop saying things like, “well, I booked this part – but it’s JUST a student film” or  “it’s JUST a co-star”.  Do you know how many other actors wanted that part? Do you know how many people wish they had the courage to take the leap and pursue their dream of being an actor? You are here and you are fucking doing it! Surround yourself with positive people, avoid negative ones like the plague and good things will come your way.  It is a basic law of attraction and it can make ALL the difference!!!

Success Is Infectious, Failure Is An Epidemic. Don’t go to the second place.


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