Make a lasting impact with your next audition at our state of the art taping studio with expert live coaching.

Can’t make the audition? Problem solved!

Our audition taping studio is set up with an HD camera, superior lighting and sound. Your final product will not only bear a high production value but, with the direction of the SKS coaches, your performance will also be top notch.

All tapings are $1 per minute, unless you opt for a coaching/taping combo. Those rates can be found to the right (if viewing on desktop), or the bottom of the page (if viewing on mobile device).

When booking, please specify if you would like a taping or a coaching/taping combo, and how much time you want to book

Some things to know before booking with us

  • Your session includes coaching, taping, watching back and choosing the takes that are best. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so keep that in mind when deciding how much time to book based on the amount of material.
  • Your coach will be your reader unless you bring in your own reader and, in that case, your coach will run camera. in either case, your coach will give you notes throughout your taping.
  • Upon your arrival at the studio, you will run through the material with your coach and get general notes. We prefer to start taping pretty quickly as you will also receive notes in between takes and this maximizes your time. You only need one great take and we want to be sure and capture that as soon as it happens!
  • Once you and your coach are both satisfied, we will upload your audition, and add title cards at the beginning and end of the file and send it to you as a .mov file via

Colleen’s Coaching/Taping Rates

*Price includes upload and edit of one file – additional files are $10 each

Un-enrolled Students
1 hour $160
45 min $125
30 min $90
15 min $55
Enrolled Students
1 hour $140
45 min $110
30 min $80
15 min $50

Faculty Coaching/Taping Rates

Un-Enrolled Students
1 hour $140
45 min $110
30 min $80
15 min $50
Enrolled Students
1 hour $120
45 min $95
30 min $70
15 min $45

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