Our Audition Bootcamp and Ongoing classes are essential for any actor who is serious about working in Hollywood today. Even the most competent actors need to hone their auditioning skills, sharpen their ability to make adjustments in the room and consistently shine in front of the camera. Given the benefit of our staff’s vast experience and knowledge, our clients are able to successfully tackle all the demands of the business and consistently have a leg above the rest!

Now offering Virtual and In person ongoing classes!!

Step 1: Virtual Consultation with Colleen

The first step is to set up a small group consultation with our lead teacher, Colleen (maximum 4 ppl). It is essentially a mini­-class, providing you an opportunity to meet Colleen, work with her, and ask any questions you may have. It also allows her to go over all the pertinent class information and make sure Bootcamp is the right fit for each individual. Prior to your consultation, we will send you a scene to fully prepare, just as you would for class or a real audition.

Consultations are generally held Tuesdays at 3:00 PM. You must sign up in advance. There are no drop-ins. If this does not work in one’s schedule, we will arrange a different time for you.

  • Each group consultation lasts approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours.
  • We allow a maximum of 4 actors per consultation.
  • The cost is $25 per actor for a group consultation
  • If you prefer to do an individual consultation, they are available for $50 and approximately 45 minutes.

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Step 2: Virtual Audition Bootcamp

(Consult is a pre-­requisite)

Our Audition Bootcamp is often regarded as the most comprehensive, in depth audition class in town. It is an advanced class that moves very quickly and leaves actors feeling more confident and making stronger text based choices in their real auditions. The Bootcamp provides actors the opportunity to meet and work with all of the teachers at SKS and gets everyone on the same page with regards to techniques, terminology and vernacular.  It is also ensures that we are able to place you in an ongoing class that will both push and challenge you accordingly.

The Bootcamp consists of three classes that meet once a week for three weeks in a row.  During that time you will work on drama, multi and single camera comedy, quick character building, “on camera” skills and overall audition technique.  We generally hold our Bootcamp on the first three Wednesdays of every month at 1 PM and each class lasts roughly 4 hours.  If we add an additional Bootcamp in a given month, it usually takes place on the weekend.

  • Maximum of 8 people
  • Cost is $450
  • Rehearsal is Mandatory
  • Co-­taught by all the faculty teachers

What People are Saying

“The Audition bootcamp is EVERYTHING”
– Hannah Roth (Agent, Buchwald)

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Step 3: Ongoing Class

(Bootcamp is pre­requisite)

In ongoing class, actors will receive a different assignment/audition each week from material that is currently casting. Over the course of a given month, you’ll work on “live” as well as “on camera” auditions. We will also assign chemistry reads occasionally and you are allowed and encouraged to bring “real” auditions or bookings into class that you have not yet had or shot and work on them. You are required to be fully prepared and off book in class, and if so, will work multiple times. Of course, if you receive an audition at the last minute, we understand you will not be off book and will still be be able to work through the material with your teacher.

Professional athletes never stop training.  Their goal is to stay in impeccable shape and continue to develop a winning edge.  You are all athletes and acting is your sport. Ongoing class is your gym. We will push you, but we are looking for actors who want and are willing to push themselves as well.  Keep training in order to constantly operate at the top of your game and book! 


Zoom ongoing class is run very similarly to in person ongoing class.

We start the night with check-ins about business and what people are up to.  The teacher, who has already emailed the lineup to the class, put it in the Chat. It’s an electronic whiteboard.

The teacher places actors in breakout rooms, so they can run material with each other if they want to…. as if the actors were stepping into a separate room to run material.

We start with the first character of the night: Once each actor has performed, we talk about the scene, the breakdown, the show and give notes to each individual actor. Then the actors take the scene again and again… Making sure that every note is incorporated and the scene is delivered technically and organically.

Once all the actors have completed their second and third go rounds, we move onto the next character. We repeat that with every piece of assigned material and every audition.

  • Ongoing classes consist of a maximum of 8-15 students
  • The cost is $300 per month
  • Class time runs approximately 3 – 4 1/2 hours
  • All current tv/film with material being pulled directly from what is currently casting.
  • Students can bring auditions they haven’t yet had into class
  • At least 2 self tape classes per month
  • You work in every class as long as you are fully prepared and off book
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