Do you allow auditors?

We don’t allow audits for several reasons. First, we want to keep the classroom a private and safe space where our teachers can communicate openly with actors and vice versa.  In lieu of audits, we do small group consultations which are essentially mini classes.  They provide you with the opportunity to meet and work with our studio director, Colleen Foy,  and ask any questions you may have.  They also give her the chance to cover all pertinent class information she wants you to have.  We find this process to be much more personalized and beneficial than doing audits and and ensures that SKS is a good fit you and what you are looking for.

I'm a really experienced actor. Do I have to take the bootcamp before ongoing class?

Yes. The Bootcamp is not an “Intro to Acting” class.  Several actors with multiple series regular and film lead credits have taken the Bootcamp and gone into ongoing class.  The Bootcamp gives you an opportunity to work with all of our teachers and gets us all on the same page with regards to techniques, terminology and vernacular.  It also ensures that we place you in ongoing classes that will push and challenge you appropriately. Rest assured, the Bootcamp is an advanced class and even the most experienced actors find it to be an illuminating and rewarding three weeks.

If I miss a class, do I have the opportunity to makeup in another class?

In ongoing class, 100% yes! You have ample opportunity to makeup one class anytime within the month that you missed. The Bootcamp is mandatory in order to be placed in an ongoing class and unfortunately there generally isn’t an opportunity to makeup a missed Bootcamp class.  However, if you must miss one, you are able to set up a paid private in order to make up that particular class.

If I take a month off can I get back into the same class?

We always endeavor to get actors back into their “home” class, but it all depends on where spots are open. We can’t “hold” spots in a given month, so if you have to take a month off, just email us your full availability when you are ready to re-register and we’ll see what is open at that time.

If I take time off, do I have to re-do the bootcamp?

It all depends on how long you were enrolled in ongoing class prior to taking a break, and how long of a break you took. Our ultimate goal is that no one feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed in an ongoing class, so if retaking bootcamp would be beneficial for an actor, we will discuss it at the time.

Can I get my take from on-camera night?

Yes!  We are happy to have a member of our staff send you a scene from on camera night! Please be sure to email the office within 24 hours of the completion of that specific class to insure the files don’t get deleted. There is a $20 upload fee.

Are the ongoing classes leveled?

All of our classes are working at an accelerated pace and we expect the same level or preparation and dedication from every actor.  However, each actor is on their own journey and naturally at a different place in their career.  We spend a tremendous amount of time insuring that we form ongoing classes in which every actor is challenged, but not overwhelmed.  Most of our clients retain their spots in ongoing class from month to month and it is imperative that all of our clients continue to advance accordingly.

Do you accept beginning actors?

Our classes are not designed for beginning actors.  However, we do offer private sessions for actors of all levels. Please contact the office for more information.

Do I have to be fully prepared to work in class?

Yes, you must be 100% prepared – exactly as if you were auditing for the role you are doing!  If you do not have an opportunity to fully prepare for a particular class or you do not have an audition, you may be a reader and will certainly be able to participate in class in other ways, but you MUST be completely prepared in order to get up and work.  We don’t know what other studios do, but it is simply our policy. Our goal is to always maintain a “safe” environment in class, but not one in which there is a disparity between what is acceptable in class and what is acceptable in a real audition.


What happens if my teacher is sick or books a job?

Our teachers are extremely reliable and dependable. However, since they are all working actors (and human), they may have to occasionally miss class due to a booking or illness.  We will always send one of our highly trained SKS faculty members to sub in that situation.

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