From the first day I worked with Stan, I knew I had found a fresh and clean direction for my art, a way out of the stagnant fuzz that can cling to you in this business. I was right. He believed in me right away, I trusted his talent, and as a team we’ve pressed on to fantastic results. Having Stan as my co-pilot has been absolutely nothing less than life-changing for me. My milestones big and small I owe to him and the amazing support, influence, and leverage that comes with being part of the SK Community. This is exactly what was missing for me, I’ve finally filled in some blanks.

Stan has a unique skill set combining experience, passion and intelligence. The guy went to Duke, was a successful actor and has now transitioned into coaching and directing. Whether you’re a seasoned actor looking to gain an edge or a novice looking for a healthy foundation, his constant prodding of your imagination will set you on the right path.

Stan is an inspired coach. Any actor, whether the career beginner or the experienced pro, can benefit from his insights into all genres of TV and Film acting. He has helped me immeasurably and I will continue to work with Stan for years to come. Make yourself a better actor and give yourself a huge advantage in the audition room: take a class with Stan!

Stan is brilliant! I have spent countless hours working with him and every one of them has been priceless! Proficient in all genres, Stan provides actors with an arsenal of tools and the ability to discern when and how to use them. Under his guidance, you are certain to make strong choices that actually work. Studying with Stan is the most invaluable thing any actor could do for their career. Period!

Working with Stan is invaluable. He’s a super smart, passionate, and generous teacher. I trust him implicitly because his instincts and coaching are always right on the money! I can’t thank him enough for the insight, confidence, and support he’s given me over the years. Amazing.

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