We’ve heard it time and time again. You've moved to LA after graduating from one of the most prestigious theatre programs in the world - get your first television audition - and have absolutely NO idea what to do with it. Auditioning. It’s “kind of" like acting. That's where we come in. We demystify how to break down tv and film scripts. Multi-cam, single-cam, drama….we got you!! We help you identify clues in the script, that are hiding in plain sight, you’ve just never been taught how to look for them. Our endeavor is to train actors to make strong, text-based choices not solely on a character breakdown, but also on the material’s genre, network, director and writer… all in an effort to book the job and excel at it!

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Go in, go strong and go book that job!

Go In, Go Strong and Go Book That Job!


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My life completely changed after my 1st consultation at SKS. After 7 months of working there, I found a manager and theatrical agent, went through my first pilot season, and booked a Series Regular on a multicam show. If you want to be a WORKING actor, this is where working actors train.

 -Christine Ko (Dave, Series Regular)

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