Aleks hails from Ontario, Canada. While studying theatre at York University in Toronto and the University of Calgary, he was privileged to take part in numerous stage productions from classics such Racine’s PHAEDRA, Shakespeare’s RICHARD III, and Arthur Miller’s DEATH OF A SALESMAN, to world premieres of original works such as SATIE ET COCTEAU by Mike Czuba and the LA Fringe premier of MY BROTHER starring Adam Wylie, among others.

But while the theatre is where an actor learns his craft, Aleks’ love is the screen. He moved to Los Angeles to complete his MFA at the New York Film Academy and subsequently starred in numerous shorts and new media projects. He’s collaborated with Youtube’s finest such as Shane Dawson on his slasher flick IT GETS WORSE, King Bach on his parodies DjANGO 2 CHAINZ, 911, THE EQUALIZER PARODY, and LOGAN PARODY. In total, Aleks’ new media projects have garnered over ten million viewers.

If Youtube’s not your thing, you might also recognize Aleks from DAYS OF OUR LIVES where he, as well as other incredibly good looking people, save Salem from a terrible disease on the NBC classic’s 50th season. He also has a barrage of indy features to his credit such as CALL OF THE WOLF, THE TOY SOLDIERS, KIDNEY AND APPLE and CARETAKERS in which he stars opposite Vivica A Fox. Aleks will soon be seen with VO legend Phil Lamar, Instagram star Marcus Johns and Emmy Award winner Nick Moss in lN THIS GRAY PLACE. 

Aleks began working with SKS in 2013 and is thrilled to be a part of such a terrific staff and fantastic community of actors. 

Click here for a peek at my faves ↓

Click here for a peek at my faves ↓

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The answer to every acting question you will ever have is specificity
-Aleks Ristic

"There is no lack of talent in this industry. And the best way to set yourself apart?
By being YOU."
-Brock Ciarlelli

"Be Un-fuck-with-able"
- Colleen Foy

"Unplugging, waiting for 10 seconds, and plugging back in works on humans, too"
-Lindsay Faye

Your number will be called. Probably not WHEN you want it to be called, but it WILL be called. Just keep going!
-Angela Fornero

I used to be solely focused on booking jobs, but learning to love the auditioning process was KEY to my overall happiness as an actor and KEY to a better booking ratio. Win win!
-Brian Dare

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