Angela Fornero is one of the 5 actresses actually born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up with a professional musician (dad) and a dance teacher (mom), it was a surprise to no one that she earned a B.A. in Theatre from UCSD and sought to pursue a career in the arts. She began her journey on stage at the La Jolla Playhouse, but with idols like Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore, Angela knew her heart lied in television.

Since then, Angela has starred in over 30 episodes of television, including including recurring and guest starring roles on THIS IS US, AS WE SEE IT, CHICAGO P.D., CAROL'S SECOND ACT, and CRIMINAL MINDS, among others. (Ask her about her terrifying first tv booking with Aaron Sorkin on THE NEWSROOM!)

Also a writer/producer, Angela created a live show inspired by Mary Tyler Moore and the many styles of comedy that have influenced her work. AFTER ALL enjoyed a sold out run at The Hudson Theatre's main stage in 2022 and inspired a half hour comedy series she's currently co-creating with two-time Emmy winning writer Jeff Cesario. Angela works consistently in commercials and interned for 5 years at a talent agency and in a television casting office. She has a palpable passion for the business side of this industry...and draws from her wide range of experience to help actors navigate all areas of their careers.  

Angela joined Stan Kirsch Studios in 2016 and fell instantly in love with the community of strong, successful, supportive actors and staff. Once she began implementing the SKS approach, she saw a dramatic shift in her career. The opportunity to help others do the same has been the greatest gift and she is endlessly proud to carry on Stan's legacy in this way.

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Angela Fornero



Impossible to choose one, so here are four! Forrest Gump, Love Actually, The Sound of Music, Anchorman.


Friends (comedy) The Wire (drama)


Since I already mentioned my queens Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore, it must be Robin Williams. No one could move me to tears or make me cry laughing quite like him.  


Your number will be called. Probably not WHEN you want it to be called, but it WILL be called. Just keep going!
-Angela Fornero

"There is no lack of talent in this industry. And the best way to set yourself apart?
By being YOU."
-Brock Ciarlelli

"Be Un-fuck-with-able"
- Colleen Foy

The answer to every acting question you will ever have is specificity
-Aleks Ristic

"Unplugging, waiting for 10 seconds, and plugging back in works on humans, too"
-Lindsay Faye

I used to be solely focused on booking jobs, but learning to love the auditioning process was KEY to my overall happiness as an actor and KEY to a better booking ratio. Win win!
-Brian Dare

I believe: