Kristyn co-founded SKS in 2008 with her late husband, Stan Kirsch. She oversees every aspect of the studio, providing a personalized, distinctive and positive experience for each actor at SKS. More often than not, her smile is the first thing our clients see when they walk through the door.

Prior to her work at SKS, Kristyn was an actress and television host. After moving from Lubbock, Texas to Los Angeles, she immediately landed numerous film and TV roles. Kristyn appeared opposite Debra Messing on USA Network’s THE STARTER WIFE and graced the big screen alongside Faye Dunaway, Ed Begley Jr., Amy Acker and Danica McKellar in the feature film 21 AND A WAKEUP. Horror fans will recognize Kristyn from many films, most notably the cult classics CARVER and EVIL BONG. From 2008-2010 she was the host and writer of TRUE COUNTRY, GoTV Networks’ weekly rundown on the country music industry.

Kristyn has also worked extensively behind the camera, namely as the casting director of Stan Lee’s TIME JUMPER for Walt Disney Studios. From 2004-2007, Kristyn owned and operated BROADWAY BABIES, an organization designed to bring dance and musical theatre to children throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas

It has been Kristyn’s greatest joy and honor to carry on the legacy her and Stan built together over the past 15 years.

Kristyn Daniel


"There is no lack of talent in this industry. And the best way to set yourself apart?
By being YOU."
-Brock Ciarlelli

"Be Un-fuck-with-able"
- Colleen Foy

The answer to every acting question you will ever have is specificity
-Aleks Ristic

"Unplugging, waiting for 10 seconds, and plugging back in works on humans, too"
-Lindsay Faye

Your number will be called. Probably not WHEN you want it to be called, but it WILL be called. Just keep going!
-Angela Fornero

I used to be solely focused on booking jobs, but learning to love the auditioning process was KEY to my overall happiness as an actor and KEY to a better booking ratio. Win win!
-Brian Dare

I believe: