I am so grateful I found SKS! Since I started taking classes and coaching at SKS, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my auditions/ self tapes and my pins and bookings have increased. More importantly, SKS has helped me find MYSELF in my acting again! For years I was so focused on trying to give casting what I thought they wanted, and I forgot to bring myself to every character. SKS has shown me that the most unique thing you can be as an actor is YOURSELF. That you should trust your instincts and your impulses, and never dim your own light. The studio is a safe, supportive and encouraging space to have fun, play, and be yourself. With amazing coaches and a wonderful leader in Kristyn, Stan’s dream lives on and I for one am so grateful to have found this wonderful community that is Stan Kirsch Studios!

My life completely changed after my 1st consultation at SKS studios. After 7 months of working there, I found a manager and theatrical agent, went through my first pilot season, and booked a Series Regular on a multicam show. If you want to be a WORKING actor, this is where working actors train. By working on current breakdowns in class you know exactly what’s going on in the industry so that when your audition comes last minute you are fully prepared to meet that casting director and kill it. The on-camera element is one of favorite things because it shows you all the little details that are either missing or in the way of you booking the job. If you can’t control 98% of this industry then make the last 2% the best you can possibly make it and studying at this studio has taught me that.

For the longest time, I didn’t take classes for auditioning because I worried that coaches would try to make me interpret the sides the way “they” wanted. I worried that taking classes would homogenize my acting style and beat out of me any impulse that was unique to myself. That was bullsh*t. SKS showed me how to keep my impulses intact while at the same time addressing the things that had prevented me from booking roles. Taking classes at SKS taught me how to be MORE naturally myself in an audition setting.

The teachers at SKS are able to instantaneously discover weaknesses an actor may be unaware of. They have an amazing gift of being able to effectively and honestly communicate with the actor allowing for immediate growth and change. SKS has helped me hone my craft in a way no other studio has yet. Thank you!

Stan Kirsch Studios is a true rarity. In a business that can be at times cutthroat and at times downright disheartening, SKS is a beacon of support, positivity, and prodigious talent. With an emphasis on solid technique and consummate professionalism, the training at SKS provides actors with exactly the tools they need to start working and never stop. And with wonderful people like Kristyn & Colleen at the helm, there is simply no better community in town!

A lot of coaches teach the notion that acting is about getting in touch with one’s self. SKS will teach you how to get and hold a job. I recommend that every actor who wants to work (or work more) in film and tv study at SKS. Their practical approach to the craft, attention to detail, and knowledge about all facets of our profession are unparallelled. Working with SKS will not only make your acting sharper and more specific, but if will render you confident in the knowledge that your choices are as strong and as solid as possible. That true confidence is an absolute necessity walking into an audition or onto a set.

Whenever I meet actors who have just moved to LA, or are feeling stuck in their work and looking for their next step, I send them to SKS with complete confidence. SKS provides a safe space to grow, explore and discover your craft. It demands a level of professionalism and focus on “the work” that anchors you in a solid technique applicable to any material, without overcomplicating things! Their refreshing approach is equivalent to an athlete in training. It’s simple, clear, and demands your best. 

I learned of Stan Kirsch Studios when one of my sitcom co-stars was singing his praises. After trying a class at SKS, I understood why! It’s rare to find a comfortable class environment that offer all of the ingredients: positive support, sensible critiques, lively camaraderie and rock solid tools and techniques. Whether I’m in need of a simple “tune-up” or guidance for a difficult role, SKS never lets me down. This studio is an invaluable resource for staying focused and confident and on top of your skills. Do it!

Seven months after meeting and studying at SKS I went from never having appeared on a multi-camera comedy, to being the series lead of the ABC sitcom BABY DADDY.  That says it all!  I credit and them for bringing greater specificity to my work, honing my technique and enabling me to bring my best to every audition.  SKS ROCKS!

It’s been an amazing journey over the years and I know that the main reason things started turning around for me 4 years ago was because I decided to show up at your doorstep. Up until that point, I hadn’t worked in over four years and really didn’t know what was wrong and was on the verge of quitting. Had I not shown up at your doorstep, I am certain the life I’d be experiencing at this moment would be decidedly different. With you guys holding my hand and guiding me, I feel like the sky’s the limit now. There just aren’t enough words to tell you what you guys, the studio, the dear actor friends at the studio, have done for my life.

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