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This week we talk with Hollywood power couple and writing team, Kimberly and Brant Daugherty.  Just in time for the holiday season, we chat all about how they went from dating, to writing partners, how they sold and starred in their first Christmas movie (A Christmas Movie Christmas), what inspired their latest Hallmark Christmas hit […]

Brant and Kimberly Daugherty Acting Podcast Hallmark Christmas Movie Joyeux Noel

Episode 16: Kimberly and Brant Daugherty (Screenwriters)

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This week we talk with a woman who wears soooo many hats, and does it seamlessly. Dani Scott is an actress and producer currently working with Redacted Media. She lives for falling in love with new characters and complex stories, all with the goal of being a go-to comedic actress and award winning filmmaker. She […]

Actor and producer Dani Scott being interviewed for the acting podcast where working actors work

Eps 15: Dani Scott (Producer, Actress)

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This week we talk all things Demo Reels with 3 time Emmy-nominated writer, editor and producer Joe Gressis.  Joe has been named Best Demo Reel  Editor by Backstage Magazine twice, and he is here to share  so many tips and tricks on what makes a great demo reel edit. This is a must listen for any […]

Learn from 3 time emmy-nominated writer, editor and producer Joe Gressis what makes a great demo reel for actors

Eps 14: Joe Gressis (All things Demo Reels)

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Welcome to the SKS Acting Podcast, Where Working Actors Talk. This week Colleen Foy chats with one of my favorite people of all time and a former SKS teacher Josh Brener. Josh is one of the most talented actors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and with over 70 IMDB credits, he is […]

Actor Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) on the SKS Acting Podcast

Eps 13: Josh Brener (Silicon Valley, The Last Of US)

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Colleen 00:00Ulysses, in addition to being a fantastic actor, you also have an incredible social media following, and you do such fantastic content. Not only is this content very well liked and followed, but I think the quality is both amazing and somehow makes people laugh, people enjoy it, but it gives a little bit […]

Eps 10: Ulysses Morazan of @ulyandernesto (Social Media Series Part 2) Transcript

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This week Colleen Foy chats with the incomparable Adam Tsekhman. Adam tells us how a family trip to Moscow landed him his first job in television, how he turned a recurring role into a series regular on a major hit tv show, how he handles disappointments in the industry, the importance of gratitude, and his […]

Episode 12 – Adam Tsekhman (Actor, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)

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Kristyn 00:00Hey guys and welcome to the Stan Kirsch Studios podcast Where Working Actors Talk. Each episode we sit down with different industry professionals who share their experiences, provide advice and talk about issues that are relevant today. This week, our incredible SKS coaches share a cocktail and get real about their world as actors, […]

SKS Actor Podcast Where Working Actors Talk. Colleen Foy, Brock Ciarlelli, Angela Fornero, Aleks Ristic

Transcript: EPS 6: Happy Hour Round table Real Talk w/ The SKS Teaching Faculty

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Colleen 00:00Tim has been my classmate and my friend for a long time and from seeing his work every single week for years to now watching him on all these shows is just so fantastic and so worth celebrating. I think what makes it even more special for me is that he is an incredibly […]

Transcript EPS 7: Actor and SKS alum, Tim Chiou (NBC’s THE COMPANY YOU KEEP)

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Colleen – SKS 0:00Sam, I am a fellow Midwestern theater major who moved to Hollywood and realize how ill prepared I was for the industry, even with a theater degree. I’ve followed you in your podcast for a long time. And because you are so open, I feel a little bit like I know you, […]

Transcript: EPS 9 Colleen chats with Sam Valentine of One Broke Actress

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This week we have an illuminating chat with New York Times bestselling audiobook actor Elizabeth Knowelden. Listen as this multi-talented actress, singer and director opens our eyes to the wonderful world of voice narration, an industry untouched by the covid pandemic OR the current double strikes. Learn all the ins and outs and gain a ton […]

EPS 11: Elizabeth Knowelden – Uncover The World Of Audio Narration