EPS 9: Colleen chats with Sam Valentine of One Broke Actress

This week we sit down with Sam Valentine of the wildly popular podcast, One Broke Actress. Find out how she turned a private blog, into one of THE most influential and listened to podcasts amongst actors today. How she parlayed the success of One Broke Actress into a full blown career, which then allowed her to qualify for SAG health insurance for the first time ever since joining the union in 2017. She inspires us, she educates us, she makes us laugh!

0:00 Intro to Sam and how she started in LA
4:27 How to deal with bad reps.
6:37 Learning that theatre acting and tv/film auditioning are VERY different.
13:01 Starting One Broke Actress as a blog.
16:57 How One Broke Actress the podcast took off.
21:14 Signing the SAG contract for the podcast in Feb 2023, and how it led to SAG health insurance.
29:23 Is there a learning curve to social media?
37:05 Dealing with others judging your social media.
40:45 Sam’s favorite episodes of her podcast over the years.

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