EPS 6: Happy Hour Round table Real Talk w/ The SKS Teaching Faculty

SKS teachers, Colleen Foy, Brock Ciarlelli, Angela Fornero and Aleks Ristic, sit down with a cocktail and real talk about the tv/film industry and their life as auditioning actors. The talk about how to ward off burnout, ways to keep your creative muscles working, radical acceptance, how to be unfuckwithable, how to silence perfectionism and the feeling of “I MUST book this job”. They cover everything from nerves in the audition room and on set, to table reads and how to us them to your benefit, what tv shows actors should be watching, how to stay in contact with casting without crossing boundaries, and how they REALLY feel about “to memorize, or not to memorize” lines. Nothing is off the table in this chat! Get ready to get inspired, learn a ton and rediscover your love for acting!

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