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SKS teachers, Colleen Foy, Brock Ciarlelli, Angela Fornero and Aleks Ristic, sit down with a cocktail and real talk about the tv/film industry and their life as auditioning actors. The talk about how to ward off burnout, ways to keep your creative muscles working, radical acceptance, how to be unfuckwithable, how to silence perfectionism and […]

SKS Actor Podcast Where Working Actors Talk. Colleen Foy, Brock Ciarlelli, Angela Fornero, Aleks Ristic

EPS 6: Happy Hour Round table Real Talk w/ The SKS Teaching Faculty

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Alan is a multi-hyphenate in the truest sense. In front of the lens, he plays the internationally renowned detective, JACK REACHER for Amazon, based on the best-selling novels which have sold over 100,000,000 copies worldwide. Production is currently under way for Reacher’s first season. His turn as the pill-popping, alcoholic, vigilante, “Hawk” on HBO Max […]

Alan Ritchson Podcast Episode

Eps 2: Actor/Director Alan Ritchson (JACK REACHER / HUNGER GAMES)