Episode 12 – Adam Tsekhman (Actor, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)

This week Colleen Foy chats with the incomparable Adam Tsekhman. Adam tells us how a family trip to Moscow landed him his first job in television, how he turned a recurring role into a series regular on a major hit tv show, how he handles disappointments in the industry, the importance of gratitude, and his feelings on saying no to jobs. He is charming, insightful, witty and just so real. Enjoy!


:20 How did he first come to SKS, and what was his biggest take away from studying with us?

4:09 Adam’s origin story: How he got into acting.

8:15 How his dad pushed him to leave NY and move to LA. “LA’s not coming to you. You have to push it, you have to be aggressive”.

9:48 How a family trip to Moscow led to his first television role.

13:42 The process of getting his first acting agent in Los Angeles.

18:51 All about finding his niche/branding as an actor, and how he feels about being typecast.

25:32 Making his own projects – Comrades and Americanastan and his thoughts on pushing the envelope and being controversial. “Everyone is fucking worried about being offensive. Not me, Colleen”.

31:03 The casting process on DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

36:39 Why it’s important to be a team player, be grateful, be a good person. Don’t be an asshole.

40:42 How he took a 3 episode arc and turned it into a series regular.

43:50 When and how to fight for more as an actor and the fear it can bring up.

54:50 The process of auditioning for NIGHT AGENT and what it was like working on the show.

1:02:13 A little love for Colleen being an amazing actress, acting coach, and overall incredible person!



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