Episode 16: Kimberly and Brant Daugherty (Screenwriters)

This week we talk with Hollywood power couple and writing team, Kimberly and Brant Daugherty

Just in time for the holiday season, we chat all about how they went from dating, to writing partners, how they sold and starred in their first Christmas movie (A Christmas Movie Christmas), what inspired their latest Hallmark Christmas hit (Joyeux Noel), how writing and directing has helped them grow as actors, and all the projects they have on the horizon. 

This is one busy couple, and we are so grateful for their time. 


2:17: Kimberly’s origin story. What brought her to LA and how she got into acting. How she got her SAG card, booked her first movie and got her first reps.

8:07: How Kimberly found SKS and started taking acting class with us. What is her favorite part of the SKS acting and audition training style.

10:01: Brant’s origin story. How he went from behind the scenes as a PA on Bring it On, to getting an agent and jump starting his acting career. (Thank you Holland Roden)!

12:07 Brant and Kimberly meeting at Holland’s birthday dinner 10 years before they actually started dating.

14:54 Brant may best be known for his role on Pretty Little Liars, but find out what role is most dear to him to date.

20:22 How Brant and Kimberly became writing partners a year after dating and what they learned from each other in the process.

22:01 How the concept for A Christmas Movie Christmas was born!

26:43 The process of getting the movie sold to Marvista Entertainment (which happened a lot faster than you might think!)

28:49 Was it always a given that they would play the leads, or was that something they were willing to give up, if they had to, in order to get the film made. Was it hard to wear so many hats on set, as both writers and actors?

33:53 How they manage the highs and the lows of this business.

37:50 All about their most recent Hallmark Christmas movie, Joyeux Noel, which recently premiered on the Hallmark Channel and was the most watched cable program of the ENTIRE day!!

41:40: “I think you guys have hacked life. ‘I want to go to Europe, I want to see these markets. Let’s write it, set it in Europe, pitch it, do it. Live our best life’

41:54: “Someone is out there doing that, and why shouldn’t it be us? Someone’s got that job…why not me” – Brant Daugherty

42:07: What would they tell our listeners who are feeling inspired by this episode? What is one actionable thing they could do today to get on the track of writing a project or creating something?

49:01 How Brant’s 1 episode arc on Pretty Little Liars turned into 7 seasons!

51:10 “My goal every day was not to get fired” – Brant Daugherty

51:24 What’s next for this dyanamic duo (besides having a 2.5 year old AND a newborn on the way!!) Spoiler alert: Kim has 4 projects currently in development!!

56:16 Are there any acting roles that they are dying to play, whether it’s a type of character or genre?

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