Eps 15: Dani Scott (Producer, Actress)

This week we talk with a woman who wears soooo many hats, and does it seamlessly. Dani Scott is an actress and producer currently working with Redacted Media. She lives for falling in love with new characters and complex stories, all with the goal of being a go-to comedic actress and award winning filmmaker. She has produced and starred in two features in the last three years, A Christmas Sunset and the upcoming The Demon Detective. She has worked for several comedy shows, as well as NCIS: LA, and has acted in several indie shorts and feature films. After graduating with her degree in acting from the University of Washington, she worked in casting in Seattle and LA for several years, before transitioning back to acting and starting as a producer in 2020. She has a penchant for sweets, is obsessed with dogs, and plans to travel the world her entire life.

I LOVE this episode, because it reminds us that we have more control than we think in this crazy industry. Find out how SHE took control and became a wildly successful self-made producer, how her years in casting have helped her in every facet of her career, and her advice to any of you wanting to start producing for yourself!


1:07 Dani’s origin story in the business. How she got to LA, and the incredible advice her mentor, casting director, Jodi Rothfield gave her before moving out. (A must listen for any new actor moving to LA!)

4:55 How she immediately became a casting associate for a major television show, working under head casting director, Lisa Soltau.

7:54 Do casting directors give actors a second chance if they had a bad audition?

11:05 Casting WANTS to find new talent! They really do!

12:45 There is something charming about people on TV. Audiences want to watch the charm – even if you are playing the villain. Don’t lose YOUR charm when you start acting!

20:30 The life changing moment Dani knew she wanted to switch gears and focus on acting and producing.

24:28 Working in casting led her to taking acting classes at Stan Kirsch Studios. She would look at other actor’s resume’s who she thought were great and see where they studied!

25:05 How studying acting at SKS was a game changer for her.

33:34 How she self produced her very first film, A Christmas Sunset, (during the pandemic, no less!)

39:09 How she got A Christmas Sunset to Amazon once it was finished.

40:47 All about her latest produced film, The Demon Detective – and everything she learned to do (or not to do) from her experience producing and acting in A Christmas Sunset.

52:58 For those listening, who are inspired to follow in Dani’s footsteps and self create – what is one thing you could do today to help get things moving in the right direction.

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