EPS 11: Elizabeth Knowelden – Uncover The World Of Audio Narration

This week we have an illuminating chat with New York Times bestselling audiobook actor Elizabeth Knowelden. Listen as this multi-talented actress, singer and director opens our eyes to the wonderful world of voice narration, an industry untouched by the covid pandemic OR the current double strikes. Learn all the ins and outs and gain a ton of tips and tricks!

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**Disclaimer – This was recorded during a record heat wave in LA.  There will be a bit of AC noise throughout the episode. We understand the irony, given that this is an episode dedicated to voice acting and the technical aspects of it.

2:48 Elizabeth’s journey from England to LA

  • Starting in drama school in the UK.
  • Knowing at a young age she was meant to end up in America.
  • After drama school, joined a networking week in LA and moved out within 6 months.

    7:35 What brought her to SKS
  • When she moved to LA, she was auditing classes that were disturbing and left a bad taste in her mouth
  • Had a lunch with a best friend who told her SKS was different and from the first consultation she knew this was the kind of school she wanted to be a part of.
  • “Because there were certain things in the just the formulation of a script that if you don’t do them, or if you do do them, it makes it much easier for them to visualize you and see you on screen in their specific show”
  • It was like the heaven’s opened up.

10:53 What brought her into voice artistry?

  • Audio dramas that led to audio books
  • Many different little tangents and random roads that led her down this path

13:58 Recording her first audio book

  • Going into a studio vs building her at home studio during covid.
  • Prepping for audio books and the characters.
  • Audio books, audio drama, video games not being affected by the strike or covid.
  • The beauty of being generate income from your own home, doing what you love.
  • There is room for everyone’s voice in this world.

23:12 What would she tell someone listening who wants to pursue audio narration?

  • For audio books you do not need an agent. Everything else voice related, you do need an agent.
  • Make a great demo reel.
  • For audiobooks, send your demo to audio book producers and publishing houses.

35:15 Questions from the audience

  • Do you ever struggle with the balance of slowing down your pace, but also trying to maintain the appropriate energy for the performance.
  • Do you annotate your script to help you with changes of energy in the book.
  • How to you maintain your vocal health?
  • How do you go about cultivating relationships with producers and publishers?
  • Any tricks for keeping track of the different characters?

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