Eps 14: Joe Gressis (All things Demo Reels)

This week we talk all things Demo Reels with 3 time Emmy-nominated writer, editor and producer Joe Gressis.  Joe has been named Best Demo Reel  Editor by Backstage Magazine twice, and he is here to share  so many tips and tricks on what makes a great demo reel edit. This is a must listen for any working actor in LA!

We taped this during the pandemic, and it is still, to this day,  our most requested zoom recording!


:43 Colleen meeting Joe at a SAG-AFTRA workshop and knowing immediately she wanted to work with him.

4:27 How working on the other side of production has helped him hone in on what casting directors, and directors are looking for in Demo Reels when they watch them

5:22 What are your thoughts on having multiple reels. Just comedy, just drama, everything mashed together?

8:28 What’s the deal with length? Is shorter really better? Do you need a speed reel?

11:24 Trim the fat of the scene, and make sure it is focused mostly on you (while still making sense, of course).

12:03 “You have served the project by being in it, and now the project needs to serve you”.

13:42 Do you front load your demo with scenes that show famous actors, even if it’s not your best work?

16:55 How do you make your demo reel “pop”.

23:44 All about “air checks” and how to get footage. You can’t have a reel if you can’t get your footage!

To find out more about Joe visit https://www.joesreels.com/

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